Getting Ready to Help Grace Chapel

I was greatly encouraged to have enjoyed sweet fellowship with my brothers Habib and Raphi yesterday. We met to plan how I can best serve Grace Chapel (in Markham). Though not all the details are set, one thing we have planned is very exciting! We are going to do an open air preaching outreach for children, which is a one hour kids program.  I will preach from a large sketch board and use bright paints to help illustrate (visually) the message that I will be preaching (orally). The location is the playground (park) just north of Alexander Public School in Markham. The time is every Thursday night in July from 7-9 PM! Please come . . . and please bring some children. 

If you are in the Markham area, please join us on any (or all) of these Thursday nights! Or, if you know of anyone in the area, please let them know. Or if you are interested in learning more about how to do evangelistic outreach to kids in your neighbourhood, please come and check it out. Maybe it could be a source of encouragement for you and your church. We will do a four week series called “Exploring Egypt to Sinai: 4 P’s to Point You to Christ!” May Christ be glorified as He is preached from Exodus, and may he draw many to himself. In addition, we hope to use this outreach to help inform people of the summer Bible camp for kids that Grace Chapel is running July 6-31. The camp will take place at Chinese Baptist Church in Markham.

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