Grace Kids Remix Starts Tonight!

I am excited about this summer’s kids ministry at GFC! We do a summer ministry for kids on selected Wednesday nights called “Grace Kids Remix.” Throughout the year, the kid’s discipleship and training classes are on Wednesday nights. The classes are called Grace Kids (1, 2, 3, etc.). However, during the summer, many people are on vacation and attendance can be very sporadic. Thus, we group all the ages of kids together and mix them up; hence, “Grace Kids Remix.”

This year we will be doing a five week series called, “Exploring Egypt to Sinai: 4 P’s to Point You to Christ!” Please bring your kids and/or spread the word. I will be preaching Christ from Exodus, using a sketch board and bright paints to help illustrate the truths of Scripture. We will do this on five nights this summer: every Wednesday night in July (starting tonight!) and Wednesday, August 19th!

What is especially exciting this year is that we plan to have our lesson (program) beside the playground area at Elms Community School! The reason for this is largely evangelistic; we are advertising these Wednesday nights to those who live in the community and we are also hoping that there will be many kids (and hopefully their parents too) at the park area when we begin at 7:30. Everyone is invited! I will be posting the summer series with pictures (so stay tuned). I plan to make the curriculum and the sketch board paintings free for others to use. Please let me know if you’d like to use this series on Exodus at your church (or summer camp).

I am thanking the Lord for John C.;  he was of great help yesterday, for he designed the fliers that we will be distributing today! I hope to post the flier (on this blog) somehow so you can see how we are advertising this summer program. I thank God that the body is made of many parts; John is gifted in artistic skill/computer graphics and has been a great help to me.

I spent the morning yesterday going over 12 weeks of detailed notes from my summer evangelism ministry two years ago; I had made many contacts who I plan to follow up with. I am especially planning to go visit those who have children to let them know about our summer Grace Kids Remix series. Please pray for the Lord to bless our efforts, that we might serve in the strength that he provides, and for Christ to be glorified and to draw many to Himself (even tonight).

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