P #2: God’s Power Points to Christ

Though it looked like it was going to rain, the rain held off for most of our evening Grace Kids Remix. It was only near the very end of our lesson time that we had to venture back to the church due to some light spitting. The second lesson in our series (Exploring Egypt to Sinai: 4 P’s that Point You to Christ) focused on how God’s power points to Christ.

We started off our evening with a boys versus girls game on the sketch board. In a thriller, the boys won by just one point! Cammy the Caterpillar was also competing, however, he got sick (threw up) due to over ingestion of a banana. The word puzzle read “God’s Power Points to Christ.”

Here is a picture of what the board looked like at the beginning of the game:


Thereafter, Chisso W. used a three ropes trick to teach us about sin and the Gospel of how God forgives sin. See Chisso W. laughing in the picture below:


Caroline V. led us in an awesome fun song with many actions. After that, I taught a lesson from the sketch board, titled, “God is Powerful to Save.” Pilot Steve F. helped us take off out of Egypt as we considered, not only the power of God in the 10 plagues, but also the power of God seen in the way he delivered Israel out of Egypt. We had lots of fun and the Gospel was preached along the lines of how Christ is powerful to save us from our sins! We have evidence that Matthew, Victoria and Eric were attentive:


Wes displayed his irresitable charm as always:


Please come out next Wednesday night as we continue our exploration from Egypt to Sinai! You will not want to miss the third P that points us to Christ!


2 responses to “P #2: God’s Power Points to Christ

  1. GraceKids remix looks like WAY too much fun for my liking – I think you should be wary of that and tone it down a little! (in other words, I’m pretty jealous that I’m not there haha)

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