Another Morning at the Gay Village

John B. and I went to the gay village this morning. I am thankful to the Lord that John was able to meet three new people. He talked with one man for about two and half hours! Praise the Lord for this opportunity to build relationships and spread the Gospel. John and I were both encouraged by this open door.

As for me . . . well . . . I talked to someone this time! I greeted one man who sat down near me and talked to him about the weather (but only briefly). His body language politely indicated that he had things to read. The conversation ended short. That was it for me – no matter where I sat, no one came near. By God’s grace I am not discouraged. John B. encouraged me not to be discouraged but to keep going down there. I am mindful of spiritual warfare (cf. Ephesians 6). We talked about how I can best serve the New City Baptist Church plant (since I felt kind of useless). He assured me that going out with him was a good idea – especially as it is an entirely new demographic for me and there is a great need for the love of Christ to shine there. I am thankful for his encouragement. May the Lord help me to better know how to spark up conversations there – I need his help.

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