Grace Chapel’s Childrens Outreach: Week #2

The Gospel was proclaimed again! Thursday evening was another beautiful night at the park area of Lincoln Alexander School in Markham! I was delighted to co-labour with many of the saints from Grace Chapel. This evening was very different than week #1, for we had more kids to minister to (which was great!), but not nearly as many adults to interact with afterwards.

We started the evening program with a boys versus girls game (and the caterpillar competed as well!). The kids solved a word puzzle, which read, “God’s Power Points to Christ.” God’s Power is the second P that points to Christ in our summer series in Exodus: Exploring Egypt to Sinai: 4 P’s that Point You to Christ! Here is a picture of the word puzzle by the end of the game (which the boys won this time!):


Thereafter, Daniel S. taught a truth using a trick. He taught that God has power over all things in the universe. He is the one who holds all things together. Here is a picture of the climax of his trick (how is he holding up the pole?!!):


Mary K. led us in a really fun and dramatic song again! Afterwards, I preached the Gospel using the sketchboard. Here is a picture of me preaching Christ from the Passover:


In our first week, we had around 6 to 8 kids (or so). By the grace of God, this time we had around 15! Here is a picture of what the final sketch looked like (the title was supposed to say “God is Powerful to Save!”):


In the first square (top left), I taught about God’s power displayed in the the first 9 plagues in Egypt. I explained how each of the plagues represented that God was more powerful than the Egyptian false gods. We talked about the fact that we too have false gods. In the second box (top right) I explained how we are like Pharaoh in that we have sinful and hard hearts like him (with a host of our own false gods). I taught that “we want to be the kings and bosses of our lives,” but that such sin is the reason why we die. Just like Pharaoh deserves death, we deserve death.

In the third box (bottom left), I described the plague of the death of the firstborn. We looked at the Passover and how the firstborn sons of Israelites were saved by the blood of the lamb.

Thereafter, in the last box, I preached on God’s power displayed in the parting of the Read Sea. This was a great way to talk about how God can save us from our sins. Thus, I went back to the third box and painted the Cross, preaching the Gospel and emphasizing how God’s power points to Christ and how Christ is powerful to save us from our sins.

Though we were not able to have many conversations with adults afterwards, Pastor Habib was able to give a NT to a Hindu man who allowed his two children to enjoy our entire kids club because “it is good for them to learn more about Jesus.” This man listened to the entire message himself! Praise the Lord for his glorious Gospel – may it spread throughout all of Markham.

Week #3 (of our 4 week series) is this Thursday night at 7:30!

2 responses to “Grace Chapel’s Childrens Outreach: Week #2

  1. Hi! I have been praying for you and your endeavors ever since I first started to read your blog. I came to the park tonight with my wife and child and did not find anyone. We prayed for you and asked God that the preaching of the Gospel would, as always, be powerful and effective in transforming lives for time and eternity.

    Did we miss you?

    • Alex, thanks so much for your prayers! I am humbled by your prayers, encouragement and support. I am terribly sorry that we missed you Thursday night (as I indicated in the email); we cancelled due to the weather but we are looking forward to a great evening this upcoming Thurday night! I would love to meet you and have you and your family join us! Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement.

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