P#3: God’s Provision Points to Christ

The Lord held off the rain (again!) and we enjoyed another fun night in the park! In our first two weeks in Exodus we saw how God’s Promises and Power point us to Christ. This week we consider how God’s Provision points us to Christ. Though God provides in many ways, we especially focused on God’s provision of the Mosaic law (especially the 10 commandments) which ultimately points to Christ. The answer to our word puzzle read as follows: God provided the law to arrange a relationship with his people.

We had our first guest from the neighbourhood join us! We originally met his grandmother through door-to-door flyer distribution. We were delighted to have him with us. May the Lord continue to bring him out! 

While waiting for the evening program to begin, Caroline V. led our kids in a game:


Chisso W. used a magic trick to teach us about our need for the Spirit to battle sin with success. Daniel W. volunteered to try to balance the plastic question mark, which could only be balanced by the aid of the belt (just like fighting sin – you can only do it successfully by the power of the Holy Spirit). Here is a picture of Daniel and Chisso:


Nick and Alicia lead us in a song of praise to God. Though everyone is seated in the picture below, we were standing when singing and doing a variety of actions that went along with the song, “Lord I Lift Your Name on High.”


The kids paid attention throughout the program, especially Will (see his attentiveness below!), and also Seth (though I do not know how he can see!):


Olivia was happy to be there (and as cute as ever!):


In our lesson time, I explained how God provided a law for Israel (which they broke). By his grace I tried to explain how the law ultimately points to God’s provision of his own Son, Jesus, who faithfully fulfilled the Mosaic Law all the while ushering in a New Covenant, in which he lived and died on behalf of all who trust in him. Daniel and Eric had the best seats!


The final sketch looked like this:


Though it is difficult to see the commandments (which were written with candle wax), we looked at each of these commands, which God provided, and in which he established a way for his Israel to relate to him. We considered the grace of this provision, but then thought about Israel`s sin and contrasted it with the faithfulness of Jesus Christ. This law ultimately pointed forward to Jesus Christ and his provision of the New Covenant in which the forgiveness of sins is made available, in his blood, to all who believe.

So, God`s PROMISES point to Christ, God`s POWER points to Christ and God`s PROVISION points to Christ! What will the fourth P be . . . you will have to come to find out!

2 responses to “P#3: God’s Provision Points to Christ

  1. Hey Paul,
    Are these all super creative drawings because you are an art whiz? 🙂 Are you using any particular resources? This looks like a neat idea. We have so many parks and usually situated in areas that would be neat to interact with.

    • Dave, good to hear from you! Me . . . and art whiz? Not at all my friend, not at all. So how do I do what I do? An intense one week training course in open air evangelism equipped me. I am thankful for a group of evangelists in the US who trained me not only in evangelism, but also in using the sketch board. The organization is called Open Air Campaigners (OAC); possibly you have heard of them? They have evangelists in many countries. The US head office is in Boston, but they have evangelists all over the states; the closest to you would likely be DC. Their website is http://www.oacusa.org. On this site you will find sketches very similar to the sketches I use. I simply alter their stuff a bit accordingly to the passage or theme I am teaching. They offer a one week training course (which is great!) in Boston and DC each year (i think in June). You can learn more about these seminars on their website. I highly recommend the seminar.

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