P #4: God’s Presence Points to Christ

This past Wednesday marked our fourth evening of Grace Kids Summer Remix! We continued our series in Exodus, focusing on how God’s presence points us to Christ! I was delighted to have Chisso teach another truth using a trick. This time he helped us recap the 10 commandments. Caroline V. led us in a really cool song about how Jesus came to earth to work on our behalf! Carrie helped out with the actions! And the Chandrasena’s joined us for the night as well! Oh, and the boys vs. girls game was a thriller – the girls barely won and Kelly the Caterpillar competed with great fervour and hunger!

As for the weather, it was a slightly cool evening – hey, who is that beautiful young lady putting on a blue sweater?


Eric was happy to be there . . . and so was Ryan, Lauren, Sophie and Rebbecca:

eric and girls

But who had the bigger smile? Eric or Ryan? Compare above and below:


I preached on the presence of God which points us to Christ:

me preaching

Though it is hard to see the above sketch with clarity, I will briefly outline the message. In the top left box, we looked at how God came to Moses. God was present. Then in the top right box, we considered how God came to meet with his people at Mount Sinai. God presence was resting at the top of the mountain. God was present. In the bottom left, we focused on one of the ultimate purposes of the taberacle: “I will dwell among the people the Israel and will be their God” (see Exodus 29:43-46). God was present.

Thereafter, the Lord gave me grace to preach Christ. We considered how Jesus is Immanuel (God with us). God came not only to be with us, but to work for our salvation so that  – as we saw in the last box – one day, God will be with his people on the new earth! John writes: “Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God” (Revelation 21:3). I preached the Gospel, questioning the kids and as to whether they will be on the new earth – “are you truly trusting in Christ?”  He is the only way to the new earth where He will dwell in the midst of his people forever!

Though there is only one more Grace Kids Remix (on August 19th), we finished covering all four P’s in our summer series (Exploring Egypt to Sinai: 4 P’s that Point You to Christ!). The four P’s are God’s Promises, Power, Provision and Presence.

And what do we do after the preaching? What else . . . other than . . . go to the PLAYGROUND! Ammiel led the way, and Wes and Victoria were not far behind:


  See you August 19th! We have much to review!

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