Bus Stop Evangelism: Reflections from John C.

John C. is a friend of mine from Grace Fellowship Church and a recent graduate from Humber College. I have been delighted to have him co-labour with me in the Gospel this summer. He put his graphic design skills to good use by designing the really cool flier which we distributed for our summer kids program (by the way, some totally un-churched people have been attending our church as a result of God’s blessing on that door-to-door work! Praise the Lord!). I am very thankful for his friendship and his servant heart. His reflections show his refreshing transparency and they serve to both encourage and challenge us to spread the Word. Please read his reflections – for your good.

Reflections from John C.  

On Tuesday August 4th I had the opportunity to go out with Paul to do some bus stop evangelism. This was definitely a new experience for me. In the short few hours that we were out God showed me a lot. In my limited experience I have seen that evangelism is not only a great opportunity to share the gospel with others, but that it simultaneously reveals a lot about our own hearts and the securities we try to rely on. Caring about what the world thinks is surely a stumbling block for effective evangelism. By God’s grace he revealed how much I fear the opinion of man. However, keeping in perspective the grave future of those who do not hear and accept the call of Christ really helped me to understand my purpose as a messenger of Christ. During the two hours we were out, many people either refused to talk to us or they rejected what we said. Their rejection was caused by their refusal to part with their own works righteousness. Thankfully, by God’s grace, there was one young man in particular that seemed very interested in talking about Christ. Like many kids his age (early teens) he had lots of questions. For example, he was unsure of how one could know the Bible was true, and whether or not Jesus was real. It was such an encouragement when he let the bus pass so he could continue to talk with us. Through the conversation it became clear that this message of the Gospel was much different from what his Catholic mother had taught him. There is so much confusion surrounding Christianity, especially considering the fact that much of the world perceives Roman Catholicism to be Christianity.

This brief encounter was a great example of how Satan twists truth in order to turn entire nations away from God through false religion. This sad reality emphasises the need for us, as believers, to go out and tell all people about Christ – and in doing so, reveal the lies that so many people put their hope in. Praise God for his grace in our lives, and for the work of evangelism in the city of Toronto!

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