Bus Stop Dialogue about Judgment Day

I approached a lady at the bus stop this morning, giving her a coin with the 10 commandments and telling her that I am from the church down the road. I explained to her that I am “out spreading the Gospel.” She didn’t look  to be overly thrilled about the idea of talking with me about God. Whatever the case, throughout our conversation she kept interacting with me in a manner that proved that she was really listening and thinking about what I was sharing. Furthermore, she shared what she thought.

I asked her if she had ever broke the 10 commandments. With a smile she said, “We all have.” I said, “Well, yes, that’s true. I have broken all ten commandments, but the fact that I have broken them should not somehow make you feel any better.” I asked if she thought that God would accept her if she was to die today. She was quite. She thought about it and then said, “I don’t know how to answer your question. I do not know. God will decide.” This is the second most common answer that I come across on the streets of Rexdale. The majority of people I meet are confident that God will accept them. Some are not sure, but believe that we cannot know until Judgment Day. Even less believe that God will reject them.

I told her that we can know. I went on to share the Gospel with her, starting in Genesis 1-3. While I was teaching about the holiness of God and the fact that he cannot tolerate wrong, I quoted Paul from Romans saying, “the wages of sin is death.” Interestingly she responded, “but the gift of God is eternal life.” I said, “Ah, so you know this.” I forget how the conversation turned at this point, but it became clear again that she did not believe that we can know how we stand before God until Judgment Day.

By the grace of God, I had an idea. She had the classifieds in her hands. So I said, “see here (pointing at one of the ad’s), we know that (pointing at the name at the bottom of the ad) Charles is selling something. He is selling a Ford (pointing at the title of the ad) and here are all the details (pointing at the middle section). We can know what he is selling because he has spoken about it. She seemed to get my point. I went on, “God has spoken in his Word about the Judgment. In Matthew 25 Jesus said that unrighteous go into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.” I said, “Do you believe that you deserve eternal punishment? She said, “I don’t know, do you?” I do not know if she was asking if I deserve eternal punishment or if I think that she deserves eternal punishment. Whatever the case, I said, “Yes, I deserve eternal punishment and so does everyone else. Jesus spoke about hell more than anyone else in the Bible. It is real. And it is where the unrighteous go.”

Then I said, “The question is, ‘Who are the righteous and the unrighteous?'” She shared with me that even religious leaders sin. I could not agree more. I opened up my Bible to Romans 3 and read to her a part of verse 10, which says, “There is no one righteous, no no one.” And then I shared a portion of verse 12: “not one does good, not even one.” At this point the bus was coming, so I gave her the NT with a copy of the Gospel which I have as an insert in the Bible. I encouraged her to read the insert. May the Lord help her to see that she is not righteous and that like me, she must turn to Christ for the forgiveness of sins and for justification. Oh that she may be concerned about her sin and oh that she may fear the judgment – and then, may she cry out for mercy (before it is too late!). May we take seriously our call to “save others by snatching them out of the fire” (Jude 23b). Not that we save people – but may the Lord grant us grace to spread His Word and plead with fellow sinners to be reconciled to God – this is “snatching.”

4 responses to “Bus Stop Dialogue about Judgment Day

  1. Fear and Failure are lies to the core. Look deep inside and you will see God at the door. Come in Come in it’s great to see you, I been waiting here to make all your dreams true. The world had you hypnotized by is glamour and flare, and now you are understanding that it has never been there. The ego lies and tells you it’s true that I want to hurt, kill and later burn you. My children who hear my voice know this is not so, how can I create a love and then just let it go? Why would I, love create, in order to just annihilate? Think on you own without being told and you to will see this Great Lie of old. Fear is control and lies are the means, so go deep within and plan your dreams. When you understand that FEAR is a lie you can see the culprit and remove his disguise. Brothers and Sisters listen and hear, I too am a son of God and He is right here. Live this life and live your dreams without the fear to Fail! And you to will see that our God is a God of love and Not the god of Hell!

    david winter

    • Great post. So many in the world will go out of their way to escape the thoughts of judgement. Thanks for staying true to the “inconvenient truth.” Your posts are so encouraging.

      David – Scripture convicts brother. I pray you’ll study the Word to learn about hell. God can’t be a God of love and not be a God of justice. If indeed your thoughts meant the God of Scripture, you cannot deny His appeals to justice in both Testaments.

    • David W., thank you for your response. When people disagree with my view of God, I appreciate their openness to share that with me. This kind of openness is better than silence. So, thanks for sharing.

      Now, that being said, as you have shared your thoughts in response to my post, I shall now share my thoughts in response to your comments.

      First, I have some thoughts for you to at least consider; then I have some questions for you (which are not sarcastic, nor rhetorical, but genuine questions in which I am curious to hear from you).

      So, first, some thoughts:
      You wrote that “fear is control.” You seemed to suggest that this is a bad thing. I do not doubt that control by fear can be wrong. I think an insightful distinction is found in this question: what is the ultimate reason for instilling fear (or warning people)? If there is nothing to fear – we ought not tell people that they should fear. However, what if there is something to fear?

      For example, if a mother tells her little girl not to touch the red burner because it is really hot and will cause her much pain if she touches it, then this is actually a loving way to instill fear (warn people). In this case, there really is something to fear (being burned) so there is good reason to warn.

      So, this leads us to consider whether or not there really is something to fear. Is there really a Judgment Day? Is there really such a thing as everlasting punishment? This leads me to my questions.

      Some questions:
      You said, “My children hear my voice.” I want know: how do you hear God’s voice? And how can you know that it really is His voice? For me, it is the Bible. I believe that the Bible is God’s Word and that it is clear, knowable and absolutely true (even if I didn’t believe it to be true). In other words, the Bible is truth, not because I believe it to be so, but because objectively – it is so. On the nature of the Bible, I must add that it is God’s self-revelation. In His self-revelation, He progressively reveals Himself (in human language) throughout the history of redemption. Accordingly, the Bible is my authority.

      Ultimately, I am curious to know what your authority is (what dictates and informs your view of God?).

      Well David, I have shared much. Thank you for your patience. Thanks again for sharing. I hope to hear from you. If you prefer to dialogue over email, that is great . . . just let me know and I will contact you that way.

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