Talking with a Grade 12 Couple: What is Faith?

Georgie and I were at the bus stops for a bit yesterday morning. We saw a young couple (grade 12 students) sitting on the step in front of the church beside the bus stop. The young man was talking on his cell. I was hesitant to go to them, for I usually do not like to interrupt people. However, his girlfriend was not talking on the phone. What do we do? I went back and forth, deliberating . . . but since no one else was around, we finally decided to go talk to them. We approached them handing them the 10 commandment coins and telling them who we are and what we were up to (spreading the Gospel).

I asked the girl if she knew the Gospel, she said that she did, but that she did not know it well, nor much about it. With a smile and joy in my heart I said, “Well then, have I got something to share – this is the best news ever!” She smirked, but must have wondered “what’s up with this odd guy? And how did he score such a lovely and pleasant fiance?” I went on to share the Gospel with them; by this time, her boyfriend was off the phone and listening. I started in Genesis 1-3 and preached the Gospel in conjunction with Romans 5: Adam as our representative (sin, death) and then Christ as our redemptive representative (obedience and life). Were they listening? Yes, they really seemed to be listening. After this I opened up the Bible and read to them Mark 1:15 telling them that God commands them to turn to Jesus and to believe on Him.

Now, he was Catholic and I am not sure what her background was. Whatever the case, I asked, “Is Jesus number one in you life right now?” He said “no, not always.” I responded, “Me too. I cannot say that he is always number one in my life.” He replied, “Having faith can be hard sometimes – how do we know (Christianity) is true?” I said, “what is faith?” He said, “It is what you believe but you do not know.” I discerned a problem with that concept of faith. Thus, I turned to Hebrews 11:1 and gave him the Bible to read for himself. He read (silently) Hebrews 11:1, which says, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” (ESV). I said, “Faith is being certain of would you do not see.” I explained to him that you can be certain of things that you have not seen.

Whatever the case, they live in the neighbourhood. Georgie and I explained how we are moving into the neighbourhood soon. We gave them Bibles (with our personal and church contact info) with a pamphlet of the  Gospel. We opened up the doors for further dialogue, whether it be over a coffee or at our church. May the Lord guard the Word that was cast upon the soil of their hearts. Hopefully it is good soil; if not, may the Lord make it so.

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