Last Day of Internship and the Righteousness from God that Depends on Faith

Today was my last day of work. I understand that many people dream of their last day of work, but not me. Well, at least not for this job. I will miss full-time evangelism. Though this summer came with difficulty, God granted grace upon grace to keep me going and looking to Him for help. He is faithful.

So, how did I spend my last day? Well, I spent much time working on preparing the curriculum for our summer kids series (Exploring Egypt to Sinai: 4 P’s that Point You to Christ!). I am hoping to have it ready as a pdf document that can be accessed for free on the Grace Fellowship Church website. Hopefully it will be ready soon and hopefully it will be a blessing to others. I had a long meeting with a Muslim man today. This was our second meeting. Both meetings have lasted at least three hours! Thank the Lord that Tim Horton’s does not have a maximum time limit!

Luis (from the Spanish Church) came out with me again. This time we read in Acts 4 and 18 before praying and hitting the bus stops in Rexdale. I will share one little recap (or snippet) of an encouraging little conversation we had this morning.

The Righteousness from God that Depends on Faith

Luis and I approached a man handing him a coin with the 10 commandments on it. He thought it was neat. We explained that we are from the GFC and how we were out spreading the Gospel. He told us that he is a Christian.

Before long I asked the man, “If you were to die today, do you believe that God would accept you or reject you?” He told me, “That is tough to answer. I mean, we all have sinned and sin cannot be in God’s presence; so we have to repent. But, I have sinned today, if not in my actions then in my thoughts. But I need to repent. You see, that is a tough question. I don’t know.”

I replied by telling him of the importance of the question. He agreed. Then I said, “We can know whether or not God will accept us. Jesus spoke on these very things when he came. I mean – I know. I know that God will accept me.” He said, “How do you know?” I said, “Because my faith is in Jesus – let me show you a passage.” I went to Philippians 3.7-9. I opened it up and held it before him reading it aloud. Interestingly, he pulled out his pen and underlined everything that I read (while I was reading it). He seemed genuinely interested.

After our public Scripture reading (I love that!), I said, “People refer to an alien as something that comes from outer space, that is, from outside the world. In this passage, Paul speaks of alien righteousness. This is a righteousness that we do not work for. This is the righteousness that I have received because of my faith in Christ. I did not work for it. Now, this is the righteousness that I have which makes me acceptable for Judgment and to God.”

He seemed intrigued. He goes to a Church, but this all seemed like new news to him. Then he said to me, “How can you know if you have faith?” I said, “That’s a great question.” I flipped to 1st John and told him, “This letter, 1st John, was written primarily to answer that question.” I put my Gospel tract in that part of the NT (which I had given to him) so that he could easily access 1st John.

The bus came and I told him that my contact info is on the NT I gave him. He was thankful and told me that he was going to call me. We will see. Praise the Lord for answering our prayers. Luis and I really prayed for open doors. Accordingly, the Lord opened doors. He is faithful. (Prayer is absolutely essential in evangelism because God is absolutely essential in evangelism).

Philippians 3.9 is one of the clearest verses on the imputation of Christ’s righteousness to believers. Those who are truly saved “do not have a righteousness of [their] own that comes from the law, but that which comes through faith in Christ, the righteousness from God that depends on faith.” May the Lord grant him faith in Christ that he may receive righteousness from God. How else can we be rightly clothed for Judgment Day?

I think it is fitting to end my internship on the note of Philippians 3.9. Chew on this my friend . . . and savour the flavour! The Gospel of justification by faith alone and the imputation of Christ’s righteousness – this is the Gospel that melts the heart with love and causes the mouth to open and even speak! May the Lord help us in our evangelism as he has in giving us his righteousness.

This Blog

This blog will likely continue into the fall, but I will have to think and pray more about this – please let me know of any ideas you have to make this blog more of a blessing to Christ’s church. To those of you who have been faithfully praying for me and encouraging me: Thank you so much for your interest, love and support. I really felt prayed for and I am thankful to God for you. Sincerely, thank you so much – you co-laboured with me and helped in the spread of the Gospel. Rejoice my friend, rejoice! God did great things this summer – lots of planting! Lots and lots of planting. Oh that we might see a harvest in Canada in our lifetime . . . and if not in ours – oh that it may be in the next! The Lord may do it. Glory is due His Name.

5 responses to “Last Day of Internship and the Righteousness from God that Depends on Faith

  1. I thank you for your work spreading the gospel, but even more for sharing it. These posts have been a great encouragements to me. They have given me ideas on how to spread the gospel myself, and how to encourage those in the congregation I serve to spread it as well. I will be sorry to see it stop if it does, but at least I can re-read the posts later.

  2. Hey Paul,
    I have really enjoyed your blog too!
    I hope you keep it up.

  3. Brother,
    Thanks so much for the work you’ve put into this blog, as I know it has blessed many, including myself.
    Thank-you for making it clear, over and over again, how it is one would stand justified before God almighty.

    • Thanks so much for your encouragement brother . . . and thanks for coming out with me to preach the Word. I was always greatly encouraged by your fellowship in Gospel labour. May the Lord continue to help us to be bold and loving in our Gospel gossip.

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