Handing out a NT on the TTC

By God’s grace I graduated this past Sunday night! On the Thursday before that Sunday, I took my last exam at the TBS extension site in Guelph. With the desire to make a surprise visit to my fiance in Toronto, I plotted to take the GO bus and TTC to Toronto. I knew I may meet someone along the way so I packed my NT’s with Gospel tracts just in case.

I didn’t meet anyone on the GO bus, but found myself waiting in a really long line at York U (transfer), waiting for my TTC bus. A young man joined the line asking me, “Is this the line for bus 60?” I confirmed that it was and asked him, “Are you a student here?” He said, “No, I am a student from Seneca, but we have a joint program with York.” From this point we talked for a long time about his studies and his stay in Canada, for he is Cambodian and has only been in Canada for one year.

He asked me where I went to school and I told him Toronto Baptist Seminary. I told him that I am training to be a Christian pastor. If my memory is correct, I believe he asked me what I study. I told him, “The Bible.” I asked, “Do you know what the Bible is? Have you heard of it?” “Yes,” he replied and the conversation moved on to other things. Soon the bus came and we were separated in a jam packed bus.

However, he waited outside the bus for me at Finch station. We connected onto another bus and resumed our conversation about his stay in Canada. I was determined to give him a copy of the NT with a Gospel tract. Thus, I waited for the right opportunity, but it did not seem to come. Thus, I concluded that I would give it to him upon departing.

When my bus was within a couple of minutes from my stop, I told him I had something for him. I had lots of luggage on me so I had to drop a bag and search for the NT. I found it and gave it to him, showing him the tract inserted. He was very thankful for it. He responded, “Oh, is this what you study?” I said, “Yes.” But I started to feel quite nervous for a lady in the bus was intensely staring at me as I gave him the Bible and talked to him. I kept glancing over at her only to find her fixed on me. This was quite unsettling. He was very interested. When he saw my contact information on the NT, he said, “McDonald, that is really your name – like the restaurant?” With a smile, I responded, “Yes.” He asked me if I had Facebook, which I told him I do not have. But I told him he could email me (for my email contact in on the literature I distribute). Cherokee and Finch – my stop had arrived. That was it.

When I left the bus, I thought, “Why did I feel so nervous handing out a NT in front of a bunch of onlookers in a TTC bus?” Having someone intently staring at you can make anyone feel uncomfortable, but was my discomfort completely justified? I think part of the reason I felt awkard was because I started to be more concerned about what people thought than God and His reputation. I was convicted by this fact, but I praise God that He gave me the grace to love this young man and to deliver him the NT Scripture with the tract. Praise God for enabling me to obey Him in spite of my own fears.

May the Lord have mercy on whom He will have mercy, even me.

11 responses to “Handing out a NT on the TTC

  1. Hi Paul,

    Well done! I can relate to the anxiety you felt with the onlookers but your response was the correct one – be a bondervant to God, not men.

    Your outreach and updates are an encouragement to me. I pray you continue to serve with courage and love.

    For Him,


  2. Dude, forgot to congratulate you! Congratulations on your graduation! Awesome!

  3. Congratulations Paul!

  4. Congratulations Paul! That’s great news. I look forward to reading more updates on your future studies/pastorates/experiences. They have and continue to be a huge encouragement. Your blog has really changed the way I feel about evangelism, bringing my heart much more in line with my mind. Congrats again Paul!

    • Seth, thanks for your encouragement brother. Your words cause my heart to be glad that you have benefited from the ministry of this blog. May God receive all the glory. Sincerely, thanks for your encouragement.

  5. congratulations!

  6. Thanks for your openness and transparency in sharing this evangelistic encounter. It’s encouraging and challenging to read your thoughts through the process as I can relate to many of them. Keep up the good work of spreading Light in dark places!

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