Jesus Came for Sinners: Evangelism in the Workplace (2 of 4)

Cosmetics at Shopper’s Drugmart

After my first few days of training as a concierge/security guard for condominiums, I learned that I would be doing two overnight shifts a week at Shopper’s Drugmart. The first two hours of my shift were spent in the cosmetics department. I was to spend my time near the cash, thus, naturally, I would be spending time talking with the worker in the cosmetics section.

 My second night at Shopper’s

On my second night of work, the lady working was quite talkative. We talked about many things, much about security work, for her boyfriend also does night shift security work. Needless to say, I was praying and waiting for opportunity to speak of the things of the Lord.

 Nothing seemed to be happening until . . .

Nothing seemed to be happening. After my first hour, nothing happened. I thought, “Well, I may work with her again. I will be patient.” The next thing I knew, she asked me, “So do you have another job?” I thought, “Well, yes, do I ever!” I replied, “Yes. I am a Christian preacher. I teach the Bible at churches when they need someone to fill in.” This led to a long discussion about her desire to see her grandma when she dies and about a Christian lady from her past who used to take her to Peoples Church (for a brief season).

People either go to heaven or hell

She really wanted to see her grandma when she died and she asked me, “Do you think I will see her when I die?” I told her, “Well, I know that the Bible teaches about life after death. There is judgement and then people either go to heaven or hell. I asked her where she thinks she will go. She told me that she had a very promiscuous past and that she had an abortion many years ago, and she confessed, “that is murder.” Then she said, “so that’s a pretty big [sin].” She was convinced that God would hold the abortion against her.

If you seek Him you will find Him

I was stunned and humbled by her openness and honesty, and by the grace of God I proceeded to tell her the Gospel of God’s grace. I forget how I started but I remember telling her that Christ came for sinners and that no sin is too big for God to forgive. I also told her how God commands her to believe on Christ. I told her to seek Jesus Christ, for in Him forgiveness is found. I remember encouraging her with these words: “If you seek Him, you will find Him.”

Sharing Scripture

During a portion of our conversation, when I started to share Scripture with her, she suddenly got out her pen and began to write down the Scriptures on a piece of paper.  When she grabbed the pen I told her Genesis 3, Romans 3, Romans 5, Mark 1:15 and Ephesians 2:8-9. I thought that would be a sufficient start. A week later I followed up with her I learned that she read at least one passage. However, she was discouraged because she did not understand it. I was unable to really follow up on which passage it was and what it was that she could not understand.

 May the Lord keep Satan from stealing that seed. May He make her heart good soil that she may bear the fruit of genuine faith.

2 responses to “Jesus Came for Sinners: Evangelism in the Workplace (2 of 4)

  1. You greatly encourage me brother! I have shared your story (along with the Gospel on the GO bus one) to my congregation in recent sermons I’ve preached about proclaiming the Gospel. Thanks for the example of your faithfulness!

    • Thanks for your encouragement brother. I am humbled that the Lord is using me to be a blessing to others. I am thankful you took the time to encourage me. This past week was more of a discouraging one on the evangelism front. Your encouragement is timely. May the Lord bring much fruit to your sermons on evangelism.

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