Please Pray for Me: Evangelism in the Workplace (3 of 4)

The Question: Can you please pray for me?

One night when I was working security at Shopper’s on the graveyard shift, one of the ladies (who knew that I was training to be a pastor) requested of me to pray for her. She said, “Can you please pray for me? Please pray that God will protect me.” She went on to tell me that she prays to God but that she really wants me to pray for her too.

Yes, I will pray for you, BUT . . . 

I am not 100% sure of this, but it really seemed as though she thought I had a link with God that she wanted to tap into. Thus, I told her, “I will pray for you,” and went on to say (in gentleness), something like, “How do you know that God listens to your prayers?” She did not really answer my question but if my memory is correct, I think she went on to talk about how she likes to pray and believes in God. I responded, “The only way that God will listen to you prayers is if you come to Him through Jesus. Jesus is the only way to God.”

She was quite surprised

Coming from a Muslim background, she was quite surprised by such exclusive claims about prayer. We talked about Jesus as the only way to gain God’s ear in prayer. Nevertheless, she did not seem hostile but provoked in thought. I forget how much else was relayed about the Cross of Christ, but she was sincerely thankful that I would pray for her. I thank God for this neat little door that He opened for me to speak of Christ.

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