Resurrecting the Blog

Whatever happened to that evangelism blog? Wasn’t it called Good News for Toronto … or something like that? It was, it still is; in fact, it has been resurrected!

My last post was in March of 2010 (yikes! … it was  year of Sabbath rest!). Lots has happened since. Caleb was born (Dec 4, 2010) – Georgie and I love him so much!!! Praise be to God for such kindness to us! I served as Pastor of Lakeview Baptist Church for a year! And well … lots of other stuff too.

Something really cool just happened a couple of weeks ago. My dear brothers and sisters at the Grace Fellowship Church plant in Don Mills hired me to help in the work of establishing the Church! Georgie and I have long-standing friendships with many of them so we are very humbled to receive this mercy – this opportunity to walk in the works that God has prepared for us here (Eph 2.10).

My beloved brother Julian Freeman has invited me to c0-labour with him in the Gospel! I am so thankful to God for him … and I am deeply humbled by this opportunity to assist him. I am so thankful for his friendship and the gift he is to me and to Christ’s Church. May God be pleased to use GFC Don Mills for the praise of his mercy! May God work through us to save many sinners – that they might taste and see that the Lord is good.

My first day on the streets spreading the Gospel of the kingdom was this past Saturday (Don Mills & Lawrence bus stops and surrounding area) … posts coming soon!

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