What’s your hope?

A couple of ladies sat on the bench to wait for the bus. I told them I was from a church just starting up in the area, out talking to people about “Jesus Christ and hope,” and then I asked, “can we chat while you wait?” They looked undecided for a moment, then the one lady pipped up, “I go to a church but I am not sure if it Catholic.” I replied, “I ‘m not out here to tell ya that ya need to go church to work your way up the stairway to heaven.” The other, relieved, said, “I don’t go to church.”

I said, “What’s your ultimate hope in life?” They looked surprised by the question. Silent, I sensed they needed some explanation. I said, “what are you living for?” The one replied, “I don’t know; I don’t really think about that much.” The other agreed, “Ya, I don’t really think about that stuff either.” I responded, “Well maybe it’s time to start.”

“If I could tell you the reason why God created the world, would you want to know?” “Sure,” the one replied. I told them, “In the Scriptures, in the book of Isaiah, we are told that God created the world for his own glory.” It looked as if it was the first time they had ever heard such a concept. With interest and intrigue the one lady said, “What about people? Why do we exist?” I said, “to glorify God.” The response: silence. 

I went on to talk about how we all value many things … be it family, careers, cars, houses, family, sex, career advancement, money, our name … I told them that it’s not wrong to value and enjoy things, for “God is not a cosmic killjoy” but our problem is that “we value created things more than the Creator.” I continued, “The Bible calls that sin.” The bus was coming so I came the copies of The Essential Jesus (Matthias Media), which includes our church contact info.

May the Lord use the truth was spoken to quicken them to seek God that they may find life and live for the One to whom glory is due. May the Lord save them for the praise of His mercy (Rom 15:9).


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