Those we are Reaching – What are they Thinking?

Though it was grey, cold and rainy, Saturday morning was a great morning of partnering in the Gospel with Nabel .  Though we weren’t able to strike up many conversations, there’s one conversation in particular that I like to touch on … the first guy we talked to.

We met him at a bus stop and chatted for about 3-4 minutes. Here is a little synopsis of his background and worldview. And I quote (or paraphrase):

1) “I don’t really believe anything”

2) I used to have religion, but not anymore (he had a Catholic background)

3) “Whatever makes you happy is right for you”

4) “All religions are the same” … they’re all equal

Not everyone that I meet ascribes to these tenants. Nor do all people see the world this way. Nevertheless, this kind of thinking of quite prominent in our day. There are many ways of approaching people with these beliefs. The purpose of this post is not to show how to refute each statement above, but to keep Jesus central.

Even though there is a place for showing the incoherence of a problematic worldview, and discussing issues of authority and epistemology from a number of angels, I rarely meet relativists who know much about what the Bible actually teaches about Jesus Christ. I find that addressing worldview problems and issues of authority naturally come up as I share who Jesus is according to Scripture and some of the things he said (especially John 14:6!!!). I like to give’m Jesus. They’ve gotta deal with Him! I know world view stuff is important, but Jesus (and His words) fair well the ring of worldview discussions.

We didn’t have the time to talk to this man about Jesus, for the bus came and he was gone before we knew it. Nevertheless, I thought this post may be a timely reminder on what those we are reaching are actually thinking. And I hope it is also an encouraging reminder in your personal evangelism to preach Jesus (Acts 8:35; 9:20).

For those of you who have time to read more. Here is another  window into what is becoming an increasingly common worldview in our age. What follows are the words of a teenage boy who wrote to me. He wrote this in a booklet I tried to give him – he took it and handed it back to me with the following note:

“Think about what makes you happy. Do it. Heaven is now. Hell is whatever you choose it to be … Everything is temporary. Everything. Believe in yourself. Not Jesus. You are God. You are the universe. You are the cosmos. Also, animals live in the life of freedom. Live in the life of an animal.”

May the Lord give us wisdom to know how to best reach these peoples with the truth.

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