Day 18, by Yosef: Youth Encounter

Yosef, a faithful brother and member at Westminster Chapel, has been co-labouring with us in the gospel periodically this summer. It’s always a great joy to have him work with us. Below he shares about a really neat experience he had preaching the gospel to a bunch of teenagers at Shops at Don Mills. 

A group of five teenagers were hanging out by the mall. My heart went out for them and, excited, we approached them and asked, “Can I ask you guys an interesting question?” “Sure,” they replied. “What do you think happens after you die?” “Oh, you go to heaven!” replied the youngest of a group of Filipinos who, soon we would discover, were exposed to Catholicism. So we began digging together around their misconceptions, and asked, “Everyone?!” He answered, “Well, only those who are good.” From there, using Jesus’ interpretation of the commandments (Matthew 5), we took some time to show them that no one is good according to God’s standards.

While three of them were showing signs of interest and understanding, others remained silent, indicating they were either contemplative (maybe convicted) or simply disinterested. Overall, they seemed to show a partial understanding of what Jesus has done. They seemed ignorant to the deep offense of sin against a pure, blameless and holy Judge. After we thoroughly explained the gospel and challenged them to give their lives to Jesus – to which they responded with stifled faces – we decided to let them dwell on it. Rony and I left them with some tracks, played with their skateboards to show friendliness, and parted ways. Our prayers are that God would preserve the seed planted in these young people’s lives and give growth to their faith. May they, like us, be brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God. Amen.

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