What Are You Living For?

One month ago marked our first Friday evening on the streets for the fall. John and Sidney, from Westminster Chapel, joined me for what turned out to be a very encouraging evening. But there was one conversation in particular that I’d like to share with you.

We met two young teenage girls close to the bus stops. It was great to hear Sidney share the gospel with them. The girls listened to her speak of Christ. Sidney told them why Jesus came and about the forgiveness and life that he offers. She did an excellent job sharing the good news about Jesus.

And how did the girls respond? Well, they just looked at us smiling and giggling. They seemed terribly awkward and unsure of how to respond. We thought we’d try to ease the awkwardness by asking questions, hoping that two-way discussion would blossom. Their answers were quick and simple; and they kept giggling. One of the girls knew a little bit about Christianity. She said she’d been to a Christian youth event with her relative. The other girl did not seem to know much about the faith.

I sensed they were just waiting for the conversation to end, but not because they were angry; they just didn’t know why this stuff was important. And it was a Friday night! Why talk to strangers about Jesus? Sounds a little weird. I sensed the need to cut right to the heart. We were real people talking to real people about a real Judge and Saviour! We were talking about stuff that really mattered. So, I cut to the chase and interjected: “What are you living for?”

The one girl looked at me, thought for a moment and said, “High school.” I said, “Why?” She said, “To go to University.” I said, “And I’m assuming in University, you’ll live to do some more schooling; but what for?” She said, “To get a job.” And then I said, “You’ll get a job and then you’ll live to find a husband. And then you’ll live for your kids and your work. Then you live for your kids to go to University. And then you live for your retirement and then you’ll die.” They were silent and listened closely.

I pleaded with them, “Look nothing is more important than Jesus Christ. He said that one day you will stand before him and give an account of your whole life; and all that matters is how you’ve responded to him. That’s pretty serious stuff. It’s not the kind of stuff you should put off. Take your Bible and read the four Gospels that are all about Jesus. Look into these things. Don’t put it off.”

We said our goodbyes, but I couldn’t help feeling utterly refreshed and sobered by getting to heart of things. When we’re out on the streets talking to people, we’re talking to real people about a real living Saviour. Let’s get real and talk, not religion class style, just trying to get the answer right. Let’s talk about what we’re really living for; and why living for the Lord Jesus Christ is all that matters.

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