“What I’m Offering You Is a Steak!”

The following post was written by my good friend, Alex Philip. Below he gives an encouraging account of a couple of conversations he had this past Friday night. 

On Friday, I joined Paul for an evening of evangelism.  Paul asked if I would take the lead with another brother from Westminster.  I was filled with gladness when this other brother walked into the Tim Hortons: I had taught this young man almost five years ago when he was in grades 10 and 11.  Today, he is deliberately seeking to honour Jesus by declaring his gospel to others.

Thanks be to God, we had a fruitful evening with many meaningful and pleasant conversations.  There are too many to list in a blog post.  Two, though, stick out.  The first was with a couple of young men who were clearly heading out for a night of revelry.  We approached them with outstretched hands.  They refused to reciprocate, insisting instead that we tell them what we were selling…

“We’re not selling anything.  We’re giving something away.”

“And what’s that?”

“The opportunity to know that your sins can be forgiven through Jesus Christ.”

The more vocal of the two laughed jeeringly and heartily, saying, “I knew you were pedalling religion.”  He continued, “Tell you what, we’re on our way to pick up smokes and then we’re heading back to my apartment where we have a couple of girls…”  He proceeded to invite us back to his apartment to join them in their activities.

Realizing that time was short before he and his friend walked away, we declined his invitation saying, “What you’ve offered me is a marshmallow.  What I’m offering you is a steak.” He thought the response was funny and retorted, “Okay, you got me.  I’ll take what you’re giving away.”

We gave him a gospel tract and before leaving, he finally did shake our hands and give us his name. The last thing I saw was him reading the tract as he headed towards the store to pick up his smokes.

Later on that evening, Kathy and I had a long and meaningful conversation with a young girl who was spending the evening sitting on a bench, listening to her iPod. She was attentive and receptive to the gospel to the point that we were able to present the gospel to her twice.  Once from the Bible and the second time from the 2 Ways to Live booklet.  At the end of our conversation, we invited her to place her trust in Jesus Christ.

She expressed a sincere concern for the countless number of people who would never hear what she had just heard.  Gently, we tried to respond biblically to her concern.  We had the opportunity to pray with her on the street corner and she indicated that she would like to come to church.  Please pray that she would come and be converted and then enter into fellowship with Christians.

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