My name is Paul McDonald. I’m a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ who has positioned me as one of the pastors at Grace Fellowship Church Don Mills. I love my church and I’m super thankful that she has set me apart, not only to do the work of a pastor, but also that of an evangelist.

I’m very passionate about church planting, church revitalization and helping churches be faithful to the Great Commission. I hope and pray that this blog will help incline others along the road of faithfulness in evangelism and our mandate to make disciples of all nations.

I’m persuaded that the work of an evangelist is not only to spread the Good News of the kingdom but also to help train others to do so (Eph 4.11-12). Accordingly, I desire to help equip the saints for their personal evangelism.

Historically, this blog served to encourage the saints at GFC Rexdale (where I served previously). However, in September 2011, I was humbled with the privilege of being hired by GFC Don Mills to do the work of an evangelist. In September 2012,  I was ordained as one of her pastors. Accordingly, this blog will now mainly focus on Gospel ministry in Don Mills.

May the Lord give us much boldness to spread the good news in a wide variety of ways and in a variety of contexts. I hope He will be pleased to use these posts, in some measure, for the good of His Church.

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  1. Go get ’em, Paul. Great to hear you are taking on this work for the Kingdom.

  2. Martha Jeffries

    This is awesome, Paul! And what a great way for all of us to see how you’re doing. We love you, Paul.
    Martha J.

  3. Paul, thought you’d like to know about a new Judson Press book titled “Got Style? Personality-Based Evangelism” by Jeffrey A. Johnson. Jeff is the director of the National Evangelism team for the American Baptist Churches USA. Check it out at http://www.judsonpress.com.

  4. Hi Paul,

    I was wondering if we could chat over the phone sometimes. I’m a law student in California, and have met so many wonderful people that are in deep need of the gospel. I had a few questions and have run into a few obstacles that I was wondering if I could get your perspective/advice on. My phone number is 510-552-1535 if you ever have an opportunity or free moment to call. Thank you so much and God bless!


  5. Dear ALL,
    My name is Ragaee Danial and I live in Egypt. I am a volunteer and board member of Christian organization (SSTI- Sunday School Teacher Institute) and a member of an evangelical church here in Egypt.
    I would like to say to you, “God bless you!” and that I think you are doing a great work! I know about your ministry through your website… really, it’s great.

    We have big ministry needs here in Egypt also. We have needs to evangelize so many! So I have been encouraged to contact you to discover if you can help us in something: by praying for us, or helping with training for our Sunday school teachers, by helping with evangelism for children or even helping us to care for the poor children ,families and elderly.

    We have planned two events in the next few months:
    1- Training for volunteers and teachers who work with children, February 2010
    2- A Festival for Evangelism to Children. About 1000 children will attend in March 2010
    also we are helping 23 families by giving them food every month

    So I am asking if you will consider being a partner with us for the ministry here, sharing with us in this great ministry. Is there something you can do to help us with advice or financial help?

    Thank you very much for considering us and the ministry here in Egypt.
    And GOD bless you more and more for the great work that you are doing in your ministry!

    Ragaee Danial

    cell: 002 012-278-1122

  6. I’d like to subscribe to your blog.

  7. Hi Paul,

    It’s good to see you blogging again. I emailed with you when you had this site going before. I’m a church planter in Calgary and have started a similar site: Good News For Calgary! It would be cool to meet in person some time, and to go fishing together! Keep up the good work.

    Grace & Peace,

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