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I Asked Him, “What Do You Think of Jesus Christ?”

On Friday night I was at the bus stops at Lawrence and Don Mills with fellow workers (from New City Baptist and Westminster Chapel). Meeting much  indifference and hostility made it a sobering night. What follows is a short summary of one of those meetings.

I went up to a big guy who looked around 50. I opened my mouth and said, “Sir, I have a question for you,” and with a gentle smile, “but just to warn you, it’s a serious one.” He looked at me, waiting to hear what it was. “What do you think of Jesus Christ?” With much anger and resistance he said, “Not much.” I quickly responded, “Why?” With more emotion now and added volume, he said, “No more questions! You had one. That’s enough. Thank you.” We stood there silently for a bit. He looked very angry. I said, “Have a good night.” He replied, “You too.” I walked away.

Phil and I reflected on the exchange as we walked. Phil said, “That shouldn’t surprise us; people hate Jesus. The Scriptures are clear about this. Who knows the hypocrisy he’s seen in his life? But, either way, people hate God.” Afterwards, Phil prayed for him.

Let me pray for this man again. Father, please cause that man to reflect on my question, “Why?” Please put that question to his heart: “Why don’t I think much of Jesus?” If it’s because of the sinful conduct of Christians, please help him to see the foolishness of rebelling against Jesus because of what someone else has done. May he see that Jesus is always good. Lord, have mercy on him!