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Grace Kids Remix Finale!

Last night marked our final Grace Kids Remix of the summer! We had a great night – lots of fun and much attention devoted to Jesus Christ! Check out all the people who came out for the finale!

Bigcrowd on tarp

We kicked off our night with a boys vs. girls game (oh, and Cally the Caterpillar played too!).

boys vs girls

Though this was the longest word puzzle of the summer, it certainly was a great one! The puzzle was John 5:39. Jesus spoke to the religious leaders of his day, telling them, “You search the Scripture because you think that in them your have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness about me, yet you refuse to come to me that you may have life.” We talked more about this later in our lesson time.

David took the game very seriously; he is not messing around folks!

David W

Michael wasn’t sure what to think, but he enjoyed just chill’n:


Audrey was happy to be there; maybe should enjoyed watching Cally the Caterpillar eat a bunch of the watermelon! Or maybe she was smiling for some other reason.


Caroline and Abby were happily focused:

abby caroline

Lauren and Helen raised their hands to pick a letter:

laurne and helen hands

The girls won the game, but the most important thing to conider was the truth of John 5:39. We considered the meaning of this verse and then Chisso used a trick to teach us truth about the Bible.


Caroline led us in song afterwards. We sang “Jesus Came to Earth” which praises Jesus for who He is and the great work he did on the cross.

After that, we reviewed of all four messages from the summer series (Exploring Egypt to Sinai series: 4 P’s that Point you to Christ!). However, before the review we looked back (really briefly) at our summer’s journey last year: Eden to Egypt and Beyond! Thus, this summer series was a continuation of the Christ-centered Biblical theology we started last year. Just so you know – the kids are definitely not too young for this kind of theology . . . just ask them!

eden to egypt

Will, Frank and Tony listened attentively:

will frank tony

Later on Will found a new seat . . . Will and Wes both found that Chloe has the gift of functioning like a couch:

will wes chloe2

At the end of our review one question remained: “What about you?” It is one thing to remember the four P’s that point us to Christ. It is quite another to actually come to him. See the final sketch of the summer, which was a picture of a hand with a finger pointed at you: “What about you!”

what about you

This summer we learned four very important lessons from Exodus. We learned that God’s promises point to Christ. We learned that God’s power points to Christ. We learned that God’s provision points to Christ. And we learned that God’s presence points to Christ. However, even after all of this pointing to Christ, the question remains: “What about you?” 

People can grow in their knowledge of the Word all the way to hell. The religious leaders during Jesus’s day studied the Scriptures, for they thought that their growth in knowledge gave them eternal life, but they refused to come to Christ for life. I fear for many of our church kids. They are growing in their knowledge of the Scriptures (which is great!), BUT have they come to Christ? Or do they think that a correct understanding of the Word someone makes them more acceptable to God. May the Lord quicken the hearts of our young ones that they may run to Jesus Christ for real life!

Praise the Lord for another great Summer of Remix; may the Lord add blessing to  the proclamation of His Word and His Son.

P #4: God’s Presence Points to Christ

This past Wednesday marked our fourth evening of Grace Kids Summer Remix! We continued our series in Exodus, focusing on how God’s presence points us to Christ! I was delighted to have Chisso teach another truth using a trick. This time he helped us recap the 10 commandments. Caroline V. led us in a really cool song about how Jesus came to earth to work on our behalf! Carrie helped out with the actions! And the Chandrasena’s joined us for the night as well! Oh, and the boys vs. girls game was a thriller – the girls barely won and Kelly the Caterpillar competed with great fervour and hunger!

As for the weather, it was a slightly cool evening – hey, who is that beautiful young lady putting on a blue sweater?


Eric was happy to be there . . . and so was Ryan, Lauren, Sophie and Rebbecca:

eric and girls

But who had the bigger smile? Eric or Ryan? Compare above and below:


I preached on the presence of God which points us to Christ:

me preaching

Though it is hard to see the above sketch with clarity, I will briefly outline the message. In the top left box, we looked at how God came to Moses. God was present. Then in the top right box, we considered how God came to meet with his people at Mount Sinai. God presence was resting at the top of the mountain. God was present. In the bottom left, we focused on one of the ultimate purposes of the taberacle: “I will dwell among the people the Israel and will be their God” (see Exodus 29:43-46). God was present.

Thereafter, the Lord gave me grace to preach Christ. We considered how Jesus is Immanuel (God with us). God came not only to be with us, but to work for our salvation so that  – as we saw in the last box – one day, God will be with his people on the new earth! John writes: “Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God” (Revelation 21:3). I preached the Gospel, questioning the kids and as to whether they will be on the new earth – “are you truly trusting in Christ?”  He is the only way to the new earth where He will dwell in the midst of his people forever!

Though there is only one more Grace Kids Remix (on August 19th), we finished covering all four P’s in our summer series (Exploring Egypt to Sinai: 4 P’s that Point You to Christ!). The four P’s are God’s Promises, Power, Provision and Presence.

And what do we do after the preaching? What else . . . other than . . . go to the PLAYGROUND! Ammiel led the way, and Wes and Victoria were not far behind:


  See you August 19th! We have much to review!

P#3: God’s Provision Points to Christ

The Lord held off the rain (again!) and we enjoyed another fun night in the park! In our first two weeks in Exodus we saw how God’s Promises and Power point us to Christ. This week we consider how God’s Provision points us to Christ. Though God provides in many ways, we especially focused on God’s provision of the Mosaic law (especially the 10 commandments) which ultimately points to Christ. The answer to our word puzzle read as follows: God provided the law to arrange a relationship with his people.

We had our first guest from the neighbourhood join us! We originally met his grandmother through door-to-door flyer distribution. We were delighted to have him with us. May the Lord continue to bring him out! 

While waiting for the evening program to begin, Caroline V. led our kids in a game:


Chisso W. used a magic trick to teach us about our need for the Spirit to battle sin with success. Daniel W. volunteered to try to balance the plastic question mark, which could only be balanced by the aid of the belt (just like fighting sin – you can only do it successfully by the power of the Holy Spirit). Here is a picture of Daniel and Chisso:


Nick and Alicia lead us in a song of praise to God. Though everyone is seated in the picture below, we were standing when singing and doing a variety of actions that went along with the song, “Lord I Lift Your Name on High.”


The kids paid attention throughout the program, especially Will (see his attentiveness below!), and also Seth (though I do not know how he can see!):


Olivia was happy to be there (and as cute as ever!):


In our lesson time, I explained how God provided a law for Israel (which they broke). By his grace I tried to explain how the law ultimately points to God’s provision of his own Son, Jesus, who faithfully fulfilled the Mosaic Law all the while ushering in a New Covenant, in which he lived and died on behalf of all who trust in him. Daniel and Eric had the best seats!


The final sketch looked like this:


Though it is difficult to see the commandments (which were written with candle wax), we looked at each of these commands, which God provided, and in which he established a way for his Israel to relate to him. We considered the grace of this provision, but then thought about Israel`s sin and contrasted it with the faithfulness of Jesus Christ. This law ultimately pointed forward to Jesus Christ and his provision of the New Covenant in which the forgiveness of sins is made available, in his blood, to all who believe.

So, God`s PROMISES point to Christ, God`s POWER points to Christ and God`s PROVISION points to Christ! What will the fourth P be . . . you will have to come to find out!