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Day 16, by Rony: We Were Worldviews Apart

Rony was our intern at GFC this summer. He is a faithful brother who served (and continues to serve) GFC in many ways. Though he’s currently working on his MA, he knows how to do more than research. Below he shares his experience doing street evangelism in Don Mills about a month ago.

We Were World-Views Apart

About a month ago a friend of mine and I began talking to a young to middle-aged man. We spoke for around an hour, if not more. We were/are world-views apart. Here are four examples:

He believes that there is some divine force, but that all religions are man made. I believe that there is an eternal and triune God who has revealed himself in His Word.

He believes that Jesus did not claim to be God, but was merely pointing people to God. I believe that Jesus claimed to be (and is) God incarnate.

He believes that Paul misunderstood, misrepresented, and distorted Jesus. I believe that Paul rightly understood Jesus and preached accurately about Jesus.

He believes that we are all gods. I believe that I am not a god, but rather a sinful mortal man.

We are worlds apart. We have very different world-views and there was very little that we agreed on theologically or philosophically. This man had, according to his report, done his own research. He had studied the various religious systems and come to his own conclusion.

Two Reflections

1) You can do lots of research and be very wrong. Of course it is good to study. It is good to do research and to investigate truth claims in order to adequately assess them. But simply because a person has “done the research” does not mean that they have necessarily come to the right conclusions. This man may have done his research, but he is (in my opinion) still very wrong and perhaps even further confirmed in his error by his research.

2) What stood out most clearly to me was this man’s pride. He was so insistent on his own way. Of course, pride is not simply being confident or insistent upon a truth claim. It is rejecting God’s authority and ways and asserting yourself and your ways and boasting in your glory. Unlike the humble man, the proud man does not and cannot “tremble at God’s Word” ¬†(Isaiah 66:2). Just as God has humbled countless proud people to submit to the authority of Jesus, so may he humble this proud man. As the humbled Nebuchadnezzar said, “those who walk in pride he is able to humble”, may God humble this man to likewise eat grass and be able to say the same.