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Interpretation and Truth

I was talking to a U of T student at the bus stop today. I asked her if she thought God would accept her if she was to die today. She was hoping that God would. She was Catholic. I spent some time explaining how God has given us His Word in human language so that we can know the way to be made acceptable. I emphasized the clarity of the Bible on the topic of the way of salvation.

She responded by telling me that people misinterpret the Bible. She told me that most people have different ideas about what it says. All in all, her argument boiled down to this: we have little hope of knowing for sure what the Scriptures say.

I replied to her objection saying, “Yes, I agree with you. This is a big problem. Many people misinterpret the Bible. They butcher it. However, just because many people misinterpret the Bible, that does not mean we cannot get it right. Think about this: Imagine a bunch of your friends were gossiping about you and saying things about you that are not true. Or, it could be people at your work. Whatever the case, they could tell me things about you that are not true. How am I to know the truth? I can find out. I could go to your closest friend and find out the truth about you. Or, I just go to you to find out the truth. You see, just because people say different things, that does not mean we cannot find what is true. (She nodded for she got my point). The Scriptures are very clear on the way to be made acceptable to God. We can know this truth. God has spoken on it.”

The bus was coming so I gave her a NT and told her that the way to be made acceptable to God is explained on the insert (which I wrote) in the NT. I encouraged her to read it. She told me that she was planning on taking a course on religion at U of T this year. The bus came. That was it.