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Evangelist or Murderer or Both?

I spent the most of my day (yesterday) typing a presentation of the Gospel, which can be accessed by clicking “What is the Good News?” (above). Trying to write a clear, concise and faithful presentation of the Gospel can be a very encouraging (yet challenging) thing to do (by the way, if you have any suggestions for revision, please let me know, thanks). I highly recommend the practice; it helps you to ponder the great things God has done in the person and work of Jesus. In addition, it helps you to consider the glorious benefits that you get as a result of believing! These thoughts can be heart warming considerations to say the least. Furthermore, possibly you have friends and family who would read your presentation of the Gospel (knowing that it was written by you). Like all of us, they desperately need to hear the message of God’s grace.  Anyhow, after typing up the presentation at my desk, I thought it was only appropriate to take this Good News to the streets!

I went to the bust stops at Islington and Albion. I met a nice young lady by giving her a penny with the 10 commandments on them. I explained how I was out sharing the Gospel and asked if she’d be willing to talk. She was willing and I learned that she has Pentecostal Christian background. However, she is not currently going to church. I asked her if she believes that God would reject her or accept her if she died today. Surprized and with somewhat of a regretful smile, she said “today? Oh, if it were today, I would be rejected.” She explained how she has not been going to church and living a life that is fully faithful to God.

I asked her if she believed that she deserved to go to hell. She said “no.” She explained that she is not that bad of a person. With reference to the penny that I had given her, she mentioned that she keeps the 10 commandments. I said “really?” I then proceeded to tell her that I have broken all 10. She was sincerely shocked and asked, “you’ve killed someone?” I responded that indeed I am guilty of murder even though I have never physically killed anyone. She instantly agreed and made mention of what James writes “whoever keeps the whole law but fails in one point has become accountable for all of it” (James 2.10). I opened up 1 John, and together we looked 1 John 3. 15 in which John writes, “Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer.” She seemed to understand my point while I was just getting started. Even so, I thought it wise to highlight the fact that God is concerned with our hearts and that He hates sin. We briefly considered Jesus’ teaching on lust in Matthew 5.27-28.

She talked about our need to pray and to have “ongoing repentance” and to be faithful at Church to get back on the right track. I emphasized that no matter how much she does these things, her efforts can never pay back God for sinning against him. We considered a hypothetical situation to ponder my point. If someone killed her parents, there is no amount of money that could truly pay her back to the extent that she would be paid in full. Full pay-back is impossible when it comes to extreme offence (like murdering one’s parents). Likewise, God (who is Holy and who hates sin beyond degrees that we can concieve) is extremely offended by our sin. There is no way we can pay him back, no matter how hard we try to please him. Thus, I told her (in light of our condition) that we have no hope. We are guilty. Our guilt cannot be undone by our efforts. It is too late. As sinners, our situation is hopeless; we are doomed.

So, she asked me what my hope is. I was able to explain that our hopeless situation is the reason why God sent Jesus. God gave me the grace to open up Ephesians 2.8-9 with her. We read it under the open sun. We read how the way to be saved from our sins is not by our works, but by faith alone in the work that Christ has done on our behalf. Christ does the pay-back for us. His pay-back satisfies. Then the bus came, but I was able to give her literature with my contact info (though I forget what I gave her). May the Lord have mercy on whom He will have mercy.